Open a Ticket to Request Support for Any of Our Service Offerings

Committed to providing ongoing expert and timely service to all clients with our assessment and triage system! 

  1. Yields the fastest response times
  2. Automated service tracking from open to closed status 
  3. Immediate client notification
  4. BTech Personnel acknowledgement once ticket is assigned to a technician
  5. Detailed documentation for future related support issues

Our ticketing system is the fastest means of obtaining service.  In the event of an Internet outage clients should initiate service by phone. Please note that we do not provide technical support using text messaging services or social media platforms. Our technicians deliver ongoing support on a daily basis and are either dispatched to a site or scheduled to provide remote support. Despite having to access to various sources of communication, our technicians do not monitor messaging services for the purposes of scheduling or providing support. Our triage agent monitors all incoming requests and assigns your ticket to the next available technician, delivering service in a timely and controlled manner. In the event of contacting our technicians directly, you may be asked to submit a ticket in order for your request to be properly assessed.

Identify Your Computer Name

When completing your ticket, you will be required to identify the specific computer for which support is required.

Click here if you need help identifying the computer name.

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