Despite today's computers having few moving parts along with steady price declines in backup storage media, recovery remains a necessary service. It can even extend to include forensic data analysis for the recovery of deliberately deleted data.

Data Recovery Services:
Deleted Data
Formatted Data
Repartitioned Data
Corrupt Data
Email, Contact Lists, Texts, Office Documents, Databases, MySQL Server Recovery, Pictures, Movie Files.

Drives running Windows PCs and Servers
Secondary drives running on a Windows PC or Server
Android and iOS Smartphones
USB Memory Sticks
Portable Hard Disk Drives
IDE, SAS, SATA, SSD Hard Drives from Failed Systems
RD1000 Backup Media

We make a determination as to the likelihood of a successful recovery. If a client decides to proceed with a recovery attempt, the minimum fee is $250.00 + Applicable Taxes. There are no guarantees of either a partial or full recovery. Our company currently holds a success rate of 90+%.  Full recovery processes are estimated to range from $250.00 to $2500.00