Breton Technologies Service & Support Agreement (BTSSA)

Posted: November 1, 2023

The following documentation represents an agreement between Breton Technologies Limited (The COMPANY) and its clients, each individual client’s business entity known as The CLIENT, to provide support for computer hardware, software support, technical documentation services, and ongoing consultation. This agreement is referred to as the Breton Technologies Service & Support Agreement (BTSSA).

Core Service Offering:

The COMPANY connects all of your computer devices to its secure remote connector platform for expedited response times. The COMPANY conducts periodic health checks, system uptime inquiries, and resource usage checks while providing periodic advisories regarding state and age of equipment. By implementing proactive activities, The CLIENT often experiences increased uptime, and a more efficient operational environment.

The COMPANY establishes an ongoing business relationship with The CLIENT for added peace of mind with support provided at a fixed cost for the duration of the agreement. Support is unlimited and can be initiated by any authorized representative of The CLIENT. The COMPANY provides technical support for day-to-day IT related functions, including but not limited to, IT design, new hardware installation and configuration, software installation and configuration, networking related tasks, IT inventory management and IT security related tasks.

Support Services:

The COMPANY will provide unlimited support to the CLIENT for technical issues pertaining to computer hardware, software and related technological solutions implemented for The CLIENT by the COMPANY. During the course of providing support for computer hardware, The COMPANY may determine that a hardware repair or replacement is necessary. Warranty service may be available for devices in need of a repair or replacement. The specific warranty coverage is determined by device manufacturers with no obligations of any kind, expressed or implied, being offered by The COMPANY. The COMPANY may assist in the warranty process until a replacement or repair is successful. The CLIENT is responsible for gauging its own tolerance with respect to downtime in the event of a failed device or piece of equipment. Although The COMPANY may be able to provide loaner equipment to prevent or minimize downtime, it is NOT a guaranteed service offering. If loaner equipment is unavailable at the time of failure, The COMPANY is in no way responsible for procuring or obtaining loaner or replacement.

Software Licensing:

As part of its business activities, The COMPANY procures software from various software developers, vendors and licensing agents (The MANUFACTURER) on behalf of The CLIENT and may apply an administration or service fee for its procurement services. The COMPANY maintains accurate purchasing records for the installation and re-installation of all products. All installations are performed in accordance to the licensing conditions and agreements as set by The MANUFACTURER. The COMPANY makes no special software licensing or distribution agreements for these procured products as it strictly adheres to the conditions of use as stipulated by The MANUFACTURER , often in the form of the End User License Agreement (EULA).

The COMPANY is NOT responsible for reading, understanding and accepting a license agreement on behalf of The CLIENT. The CLIENT is responsibly for accepting any license agreement prior to the installation of the product. Any software installation procedure executed by The COMPANY neither represents acceptance of a license for the CLIENT nor does it confirm authenticity or validity of a license. The COMPANY is not responsible for any applicable annual or renewal fees although it can be called upon to assist with a renewal process.

Methods of Providing Support:

Service Ticketing:

The COMPANY uses a service ticketing system available on its website under the URL: The CLIENT is to open a service ticket for submission to The COMPANY support team. Tickets are triaged in accordance to the nature of the issue described on the ticket and assigned to the appropriate service representative. Response times will vary depending on the priority assigned to the ticket during triage.

Email Support:
General inquiries and sales inquiries are accepted by email. Email may also be used by The COMPANY to supplement an already initiated service ticket. The CLIENT should NOT initiate a service request by email.

Phone Support:
Step by Step or Screen by Screen technical support is NOT provided via phone. The COMPANY may contact the CLIENT by phone once a service ticket has been initiated.

Text Messaging:
Technical support is NOT available via text messaging. The COMPANY will only accept text messages if the CLIENT'S Internet service is unavailable and a service ticket cannot be initiated. The COMPANY will triage the service and respond in accordance to the text message. The COMPANY will either open a ticket on behalf of The CLIENT or instruct The CIENT to open a ticket upon restoration of Internet service.

Remote Connectivity:
The COMPANY supplies a secure remote connectivity subscription for all CLIENTS under a support agreement. The COMPANY will arrange for a remote connection to resolve any issues covered under the BTSSA and will work with The CLIENT to arrange for system access while minimizing downtime.

Site Visit:
As part of service ticketing triage process, The COMPANY will determine whether or not a site visit is required to deliver technical support and related service. The COMPANY is required to be subscribed to the COMPANY'S remote connectivity platform for the duration of the BTSSA unless otherwise stated.

Response Times:
Emergency Response – The COMPANY provides emergency technical support as immediate as possible for issues that render The CLIENT'S business non-functional. Such issues include but not limited to:

  • Unable to access business data
  • Unable to access software applications
  • Unable to access critical computer infrastructure
  • Malfunctioning devices or peripherals

Urgent - The COMPANY provides service and support within 4-6 hours

High Priority - The COMPANY provides service and support within 48 hours

Medium Priority - The COMPANY provides planned service and support within 7 days

Low Priority – The COMPANY provides planned service and support - 7 days or more

After Hours Support:
The COMPANY operates between 8:30AM and 4:30PM, Monday to Friday. Weekend service is provided for emergency issues only. A COMPANY representative must be dispatched on weekends, resulting in longer response times as specified in this agreement.

Financial Terms of the Agreement:

Annual renewals are based on prior year support activity and discussed with The CLIENT prior to renewal. Renewals go out each November with support commencing each January and lasting one (1) calendar year. The CLIENT can opt out at renewal time with written (email) notice and without financial penalty. In the event written notice is not provided by The CLIENT to The COMPANY, and payment for the agreement is outstanding, the agreement will automatically lapse at midnight at the end of the current agreement's calendar year. The CLIENT will have its systems automatically removed from the COMPANY'S remote connector platform effectively terminating the service agreement.

The BTSSA will be invoiced in November for 50% of the cost of the agreement, followed by the remaining 50% in June of the current support year.

Responsibilities of The CLIENT:
Cleaning – The COMPANY is NOT responsible for cleaning hardware and related peripherals. CLIENTS should keep peripherals clean and free of debris. This is particularly important for equipment that is deemed Mission Critical. Monitors should be cleaned while the monitor is powered off using isopropyl alcohol and a soft cleaning cloth (do not use tissue or paper towel). Printers should be free of small torn pieces of paper and other debris.

Phone Support: Do not instruct staff to contact a COMPANY representative by phone without first opening a service ticket.

Phone support may be used to supplement an open service ticket. Step by Step (screen by screen) phone support is NOT provided.

Text Messaging: Do not instruct staff to text message a COMPANY representative for service. Text messaging will only be used by the COMPANY to supplement the service ticketing procedure.

What this BTSSA agreement is NOT

This agreement in no way guarantees that your technological infrastructure will remain free of equipment failure or downtime. This agreement in no way certifies or guarantees that The CLIENTS'S technological infrastructure is 100% protected from system infections, internal security breaches, external security breaches or absolute protection of data.

Costs not covered in this BTSSA:

  • Changes to the business environment where improvements or renovations trigger the need for structure wiring materials and labour
  • Damage to the business environment such as fire or flooding resulting in the need for materials and labour for services including, but not limited, to equipment re-configuration, new wiring, and equipment replacement.
  • New or used equipment purchases that were not part of the IT infrastructure at the commencement of this BTSSA
  • The installation and/or configuration of new or used equipment that were not part of the IT infrastructure at the commencement of this BTSSA

Services NOT Covered in this BTSSA:

The COMPANY provides optional services that can be incorporated into this BTSSA agreement. The following services are NOT automatically covered in this BTSSA and can only added with a written agreement. In the absence of a written agreement, it is assumed that the following services are not provided by The COMPANY.

  • Data Backups
  • System Recovery Backups
  • Firewall Security Subscriptions
  • VPN Subscriptions
  • Annual Software Subscriptions
  • Anti Virus/Malware Protection Subscriptions
  • Automatic Operating System Updates (unless otherwise specified with accompanying written BTSSA)
  • Automatic Application Updates (unless otherwise specified with accompanying written BTSSA)
  • Data Destruction and Media Disposal
  • (unless otherwise specified with accompanying written BTSSA)
  • Emergency After Hour Services Outside of The CLIENT'S normal operating hours (unless otherwise specified with accompanying written BTSSA)

Termination of the Agreement

The COMPANY or The CLIENT can terminate this BTSSA agreement without reason at any time with 30-day written (email) notice. All financial payments made by The CLIENT to The COMPANY are not refundable.