Breton Technologies was founded by Bill Kachafanas on September 1, 1993. Originally established as Breton Professionals, the name was quickly changed to Breton Technologies to better reflect the business. Bill's background stemmed from working with personal computers in high school just around the time when the home computer was starting to emerge as an everyday household item. Computers were equipped with monitors capable of displaying basic amber text with no graphics and the operating system was DOS 4.0


DOS operating system on floppy diskette, 1993

The personal computer, better known as the PC, required more maintenance in terms of repairs which became an essential service offering in Breton Tech's early days. In the 1990's, home computers were purchased primarily through independent computer shops. As a result, Breton Tech opened a small retail storefront under the operating name of BP Computers Plus. PCs sales and service was the primary focus throughout the 90's along with sales of printers and other peripherals. In 1994, DOS 6.22 was the final release of the world's most popular operating system to make way for the next generation operating system  - Windows. While the early releases of Windows were well received , it was Windows 95 that changed the industry. Sales of PCs grew stronger and Breton Tech became an authorized sales and service centre for Compaq Computer Corporation - the US PC maker that ranked among the top 3 computer manufacturers in the world. Breton Tech earned back to back national sales awards in 1996 and 1997  by Compaq and continued posting strong sales to the end of the decade.

By 1999, the Y2K bug became front and centre and dial up Internet was enjoying increased popularity  - now being around for about two years. At the turn of the century, the industry was vastly different,  as big box stores become the primary sales and service centres for all kinds of brand name computers. Dell was already entrenched in phone order sales and many of the small independent dealers across North America  ceased to exist as a seller of personal computers.

In year 2000, Breton Technologies closed its storefront and began to focus on business services, computer networking and point of sale development. As new technologies continued to emerge, the company was successful in expanding its offerings to include remote support. Today it offers a wide range of goods and services, primarily for business clients, and supports its many different implementations either by travelling on site or through its remove connectivity platform. It's geographical covers is Nova Scotia and offers subcontracting services for companies throughout North America doing business in the province.

Our 386 Clone PCs

BP Computers Plus, 1996

Local Compaq Trade Show, 1995

Compaq Innovate Forum, Houston, Texas, 1997, w/Bill Gates as Keynote Speaker

PC Sales, 1995

PC Sales, 1995

Our early computer lab setup with clone PCs, 1994

Our First Dial-Up Internet Lab, 1998

Various Media: Floppy disk, ZIP Disks, and Backup Tapes, 1994

New Dell Office Setup, 2015

New Dell Rack Servers, 2022