RedTail Modules

RedTail Modules

RedTail is an industrial grade application designed for the small to medium size enterprise (SME). It is built in modules to provide solutions for the most basic operation or for the more demanding high volume environment. The modules are built around its core, RedTail POS, enabling businesses to perform various business activities with an all encompassing software system.

There are a number of Add-On and Snap-In modules that can be bundled together, essentially yielding a customized solution for your business.


RedTail POS Edition
Point of Sale - Touch and Non Touch Standard Edition
One Touch or Multi Touch Menu Interface Standard Edition
Perpetual Inventory Control (Avg Cost System) Standard Edition
Unlimited SKUs Standard Edition
SKU Tracing Standard Edition
Serialized Inventory Standard Edition
Barcode Scanning and Barcoding Standard Edition
Inventory CPQ (Cost/Price/QTY) Adjustment Utility Standard Edition
Alternate Product Codes Standard Edition
Inventory Min Max Reordering Standard Edition
Product Backorders Standard Edition
BIN Ticketing Standard Edition
Inventory Management by Aisle & Shelf Standard Edition
Quick Customer Retrieval Standard Edition
Pre-set Customer Price Levels (5) Standard Edition
Customer Sales Orders Standard Edition
Invoicing Standard Edition
Automated Invoice Emailing Option Standard Edition
Invoice Recalls Standard Edition
Discounting ($ or %) Standard Edition
Pricing Wizards Standard Edition
Basic Item Promotions & Price Breaks Standard Edition
Unlimited Tender Methods Standard Edition
House Charges w/Limits Standard Edition
Seamless Integration to Accounts Receivable Standard Edition
Employee Commission Management Standard Edition
POS Console Lock Standard Edition
Employee Swipe Card Capable Standard Edition
Customer Swipe Card Capable Standard Edition
End of Shift Cash Balancing and Procedure Standard Edition
Supplier Profiles/Management Standard Edition
Extensive Reporting Standard Edition
Data Management & Exporting Standard Edition
Extensive Security & Auditing Standard Edition
Employee Theft Controls Suite Edition
Damaged Goods Management Suite Edition
Product Rentals Suite Edition
Layaways Suite Edition
Stock Transfers (Raw Materials to Finished Goods) Suite Edition


RedTail Gift Card Module Gift Card continued...
Single Site Mode PIN Security Technology for Over the Phone Validation
Multi Site Mode (multiple locations) Comprehensive Reporting
Single or Multiple Card Activation Optional Ability to Tie to Customer for Card Replacement if Lost or Stolen
Re-loadable Option Monthly Statement (w/Merchant Account)
Single or Multiple Card Redemption Access to Professional Custom Print Card Services
Card Deactivation Optional Accessories: Card Sleeves
Instant Customer Inquiries at POS (Screen, Print or Email) Optional Accessories: RedTail Lanyards
Unlimited Card Inquiries Optional Accessories: Custom Branded Lanyards
Ability to Allow Keyed Entries Seamless Integration into POS Module
Ability to Enforce Swiping Only





RedTail Accounting Module Accounting continued...
General Ledger Chart of Accounts Accounts Receivable
General Ledger Customer Statement Run
GL Integration Accounting for Automated Posting Automated Emailing of Customer Statements
Accounts Payable Foreign Currency
A/P Reminders Fiscal Year End Close
Goods Received Notes (GRN) Extensive Reporting w/Filters
Check Register Seamless Integration into POS Module
Bank Transfer & Deposit Canadian Payroll Release: 2018


RedTail PO Module PO continued...
Supplier Purchase Orders Optional Interfacing to Goods Received Notes (GRN) for A/P Posting
Add to PO from Quicksale/QuickTouch Selling Screen Seamless Integration to Accounts Payable
Open POs Seamless Integration to RedTail POS
Closed POs


RedTail Promo Module Promo continued...
Inventory Promotions Mix & Match Promos
Promos by Date/Time Kit Promos
Promos by Days of the Week Seamless Integration to RedTail POS
Promos by Hours of the Day