BTech Expands its Point of Sale Operations

BTech Expands its Point of Sale Operations

Sydney, Nova Scotia: August 2016, 3:33PM

Breton Technologies has been delivering Point of Sale solutions since the mid 1990s for traditional small to medium size retail stores. It is now expanded into new markets with the adoption of RedTail POS Software modules.

RedTail POS Inc., a new software development company also founded by the owner of Breton Technologies, Bill Kachafanas, has released its suite of modules in May 2016 allowing both companies to the service new markets, larger size retail operations, wholesale, and industrial companies. It has also been able to introduce a host of new features for its current businesses, particularly in the food service industry. It is able to service larger cafes and coffee houses offering extensive menus, and small dine in establishments. Its touch interface can effortlessly process over 18,000 menu combinations without ever having to run a search function. The selling interface and processing capabilities are among the best in the industry and its seamless integration with gift and loyalty cards elevates small companies to a whole new level of customer service.

Businesses can obtain virtually unlimited customer information without having to leave the selling interface and run on the spot reports, including gift card inquiries for complete transaction history. When business owners are away from their operations, RedTail does all of the monitoring for them with an extensive set of inventory management utilities and employee theft control.

Breton Technologies is planning it adoption of the RedTail Platinum Edition in 2017 which will bundle a dozen modules into a single application as a promotional offering for new and existing customers.

Visit RedTail’s website for additional information on its suite of software products.


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