Since 1993, Breton Technologies has been installing and supporting computer networks of all sizes. The company’s Networking Services currently provides ongoing support for thousands of PCs on various Windows based business networks.

We design technical blueprints for small workgroups, large environments with multiple dedicated servers and everything in between. By incorporating security, performance, and budget into every configuration, clients are able to run an efficient operation either as a self managed solution or as an infrastructure with ongoing support.

Both wired and wireless networks remain viable options for many different types of businesses and we provide expertise in helping them choose the most suitable options. Category 5e and category 6 cabling is used in our wired environments along with fiber optic runs for long distance implementations. For wireless networks, we conduct proper site surveys to determine the optimal number and location of WiFi devices. Whether its a single building, multiple dwellings on a property or even outdoor coverage, our site surveys yield a reliable and secure wireless network.

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Work Performed by Trained Professionals

Small Workgroup Networks Server Environments Wireless
Small Two Station Workgroup Network with Shared Printing and Storage: Public Access Large Office 100+ Devices Using Categery 5e Cabling w/Server Room and Wiring Rack Indoor Ceiling Mount Wireless Access Point
Mid Size Wired Network Category 5e Category 6 and Fiber Optics for Internal & Outdoor Building to Building Connectivity Outdoor Long Range Wireless