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We are committed to handling sales related inquiries while providing professional and timely after sale service. There are a variety of options available and we encourage all of our clients to review this policy periodically.

Sydney, Nova Scotia
Geographical Coverage: Regular On Site Service Throughout Cape Breton Island, Schedule Site Visits to Mainland Nova Scotia.
Service Methods: On Site Service, Dedicated Remote Support, On Demand Remote Support
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM



General Sales Inquiries: (Non Urgent)
Please allow up to 24 to 48 hours for a response.

Quotations and Proposals:, 902-578-5789
Response time is project dependent. A sales visit may be necessary in order to provide an accurate quote or proposal. There are no charges for this service.

Site Assessments: Formal site assessments may be required to accurately provide a written quote or proposal. Project assessments carry a fee based on our standard hourly billing rate and upon acceptance the total fee will be applied to the cost of the project.

Dell Relationship Provider: BTech is a Relationship Provider for Dell Canada with authorizations for Dell PowerEdge Servers, business class desktops, laptops and accessories. We are not a traditional retailer but do order on behalf of our clients to ensure order accuracy and proper installation. Complete payment details will be provided at the quoting or proposal stage.



Breton Technologies Service Policy:
Effective Date: January 1, 2017

Breton Technologies (Breton Tech) works with all clients to establish a business relationship and service offering that is suitable for each organization.

Breton Tech recognizes that support is essential for many businesses to run efficiently. This is why IT Support is one of our 4 core offerings. We impress upon our clients that they too have an important role to play when it comes to obtaining quality and timely support. Proper technology planning and implementation is the most important ingredient when it comes to operating an efficient business. With that in mind, we can either support your organization as your ongoing IT maintenance and service provider or turn over maintenance procedures to personnel within the company.

While equipment failure, malware intrusions and software malfunctions certainly may warrant IT related services, in many cases user intervention can also be a contributing factor. Breton Tech strongly discourages clients from implementing new technology during regular business hours without first planning for adequate downtime. Failure to do so may result in service delays if we are requested after a problem arises. Our industry deems these types of situations as self-inflicted emergencies are may be prioritized differently from emergencies resulting from equipment failure or malfunction.

Breton Tech employs a formal service ticketing procedure. All customer service requests must have a service ticket number assigned in order to properly initiate, render and complete service work. Tickets serve as important documentation for future troubleshooting and support.

How to Reach Us:
Contact our Triage Agent:

Like many companies in this industry, Breton Tech employs a triage system whereby service requests undergo a triaging process to determine the severity of a problem before being assigned to a technician. This proven process enhances response times, maintains quality service and is quick and convenient for our clients.

Breton Tech recognizes that many businesses consider all IT related problems emergencies. To minimize the impact of problems resulting from technology, clients should evaluate their business to identify critical equipment and spare parts that should be on hand to mitigate the risk of downtime.

Service Ticketing:

As part of the triage system, Breton Tech will open a service ticket for all requests deemed to be service related. Clients can contact us and have one of our representatives open a ticket or choose our self serve option.

Self-Serve Option – Submit a Service Ticket Request:
Clients can use our online service ticketing procedure to initiate a service request for scheduled service. You will receive a receipt confirmation upon completion of the submission. Please allow up to 48 hours to receive a response from one of our technicians.



Contact us by Phone: (902) 578-5789. All Breton Tech representatives travel with smartphones with voice and email service. In many cases our technicians are with clients or in situations where the ability to immediately accept incoming calls is not possible. All mobile devices have private voicemail services. It is important to leave a message indicating whether or not the request is urgent. Urgent requests are considered to be true emergencies and will be handled accordingly. Emergency responses are subject to carrying a premium to our standard rate of service.

*** Please note that due to the volume of calls we do not check logs for missed calls.


Contact us by Email: We are a mobile service provider with technicians traveling daily throughout the greater Sydney area and the west side of the island. All technicians travel with smartphones and are able to check email throughout the work day.

Contact us by email at Include a brief description of your problem. All email submissions are reviewed within 24 hours. There are no charges for general inquiries. Charges will apply if a service ticket needs to be opened. Customers will receive a service ticket number along with an invoice with service dates and detailed technical notes. We maintain service notes for all of our customers that are used for future support and follow-up service.


Contact us via Text Messaging: Breton Tech accepts incoming text messages to its primary line but only for initiating inquiries, appointments or service. That is, text messaging is NOT used as a means of delivering technical support. Technicians travel daily throughout the island and are most often in situations where texting is not practical or even possible. Therefore, we do not offer text service as an instant method of communication.

Visit our Service page for assistance in implementing a technology contingency plan by having us conduct a formal technological assessment.

Service Response Times: Non Urgent

Regular Service:
Response Time: Scheduled
Service Rate: Standard

Service Response Times: Urgent or Emergency
Regular Service:
Response Time: 2-6 Hours
Service Rate: Standard

Emergency After Hours Unscheduled Service:
Response Time:  – Subject to Triaging or Existing Service Agreement
Technicians on Call
Service Rate: Premium – Time and a Half

Scheduled After Hours Service:
Although we aim to provide service between regular business hours we sometimes perform scheduled after hour service to minimize downtime and interruption to our clients. Failure to properly plan and schedule this type of service will result in a premium service rate being applied to the billing.

Warranty Service:
We are an authorized warranty agent for Dell Computer Corporation, offering complete service and repair for Dell PowerEdge servers, business class desktops and business class laptops. All Dell Servers supplied through by Breton Technologies carry a 3 year parts and labour warranty with zero customer deductibles. All service work is either performed on site or at our office and is at the discretion of either Dell Canada or Breton Technologies.

Other Hardware Manufacturers: All goods and services delivered through Breton Technologies conform to manufacturer warranty policies. The decision to repair, replace or do nothing is at the discretion of the manufacturer.